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We specialise in electronic cigarettes with over 150 new flavours of E-Juice, now in Eastbourne, Worthing, Hastings, Newport (Isle of Wight), Portsmouth & Burgess Hill! It’s the healthier and cheaper alternative to cigarettes!

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What are E-Cigs?

E-cigarettes have been developed as an alternative to smoking. E-cigarettes act as a vapouriser when ignited by a re-chargeable battery heat up a small tank device that holds liquid nicotine fluid to produce a vapour that can be inhaled to simulate the action of smoking. the advantages of using an e-cigarette are there is no tar in the e-juice and little to none carcinogens. the e-cigarette gives a controlled dose of nicotine with each inhale. therefore the body receives the nicotine with out all the dangerous chemicals that are contained in cigarettes. We advocate that anyone looking into using e-cigarette in replacement to smoking should re-search the product thoroughly. There are many excellent sites that give informative and impartial advice.

Other than the obvious health benefits to using an e-cigarette, there is financial gain. The average 20 a day smoker spends £8 per day on cigarettes which amounts to £56 per week£224 per month, a total of £2,688 per year!

The average cost of using an e-cigarette to a 20 a day smoker equivalent is £5 per week, £20 per month, a total of £240 per year an average saving of £2,448!!!

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