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If you’ve done your research you’ll know just how impressive electronic cigarette mods are. Not to be used by the average user, mods are for the skilled e-cigarette veterans who are looking for the ultimate taste and most impressive vapour production. Most Mods look like they were created in the future but all offer unparalleled taste. So if you’re looking for a wide array of exclusive mods, look no further.

A note on “sub-ohming”
The use of very low resistance atomisers is often referred to as “sub-ohming”, because the atomisers and coils used are lower than1.0Ω. Sub-ohming usually involves a mechanical device, because variable voltage/wattage devices resistance limits below which their circuitry cuts off to prevent dangerous battery incidents.
Sub-ohming is growing in popularity as more vaping enthusiasts strive to take their hobby to the next level, but there are very serious safety concerns both in terms of battery stresses, and dangerous changes that can take place within e-liquids and vapour at very high temperatures.
We strongly recommend you to thoroughly research the topic before embarking on any experiments.
We will not accept any responsibility for any damage caused by sub-ohming activity and such activity will invalidate your warranty.

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