Thor Juice & Loki

Thor juice is an in house developed e-juice. It was founded in May 2013 and has proved immensely popular, outselling our regular juice brands!
We found the demand for different flavours of e-juice was on the up, people were getting bored of the same old flavours being churned out, so we listened to what our customers wanted and then met their demands by introducing Thor juice.

We have unique best sellers such as ‘wobbly goblin’, beetle-juice and fuzzy duck to name but a few. Our Thor juice is made under strict sterile conditions off the premises at a location that provides a quality decontamination facility. However for customers in store or now available on line we do provide a customization service, where we will develop a juice to a customer’s specific required needs, for example a small selection of our customers require VG only mix, therefore we are happy to accommodate this.

Thor juice is made with the use of UK pharmaceutically graded nicotine, a mix of 70%PG and 30%VG and flavours provide by large UK based companies such as e-cig wizard, decadent vapours, flavour arts and liberty flights. Our in-house mixologist just adds the magic by creating and developing the wonderful flavours that bring the Thor Juice to life!!!