LG HG2 18650 Batteries (Flat Top)


LG HG2 Batteries

Available only in the flat-top variety.

Lithium-Ion batteries in electronic cigarettes are similar to the batteries used across the world in everyday devices like mobile phones and are considered safe, but there can be personal safety risks if used improperly. It is vital to keep the following points in mind to ensure that you are using your batteries safely. 

Use the On/Off feature when your electronic cigarette is not in use.

Never leave charging batteries unattended.

Never submerge batteries in water or expose to extremely low or high temperatures.

Safely dispose of batteries once they have reached their end of life (WEE Derivative).

Always carry loose batteries in non-conductive containers, plastic or cardboard are fine, and never with metal/metallic objects such as loose change or keys.

Stay safe and use common sense whilst using electronic cigarette batteries and you will not have any problems. If you need any additional safety information or general advice on the products you have bought from us please feel free to get in touch.

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