Dotmod Petri V3 Style RDA

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Dotmod Petri V3 Style RDA

The Dotmod Petri V3 style RDA is an amazingly well designed three-piece atomizer made of hard anodized aluminum with a two-post design. With a peek insulator through the entire deck, 2 large holes in each post for easier building, and large head screws making securing wire a breeze, this RDA is a step forward for all cloud chasers and builders everywhere.

Was £18.99
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Product Description

Includes Dotmod Petri V3 style RDA, replaceable top cap, spare o-rings and hex screws.


  • Easy Drip Three-Piece Atty Design
  • 24K Gold Plated Brass Deck
  • Entire Deck is Peek (Insulator)
  • Innovative Two-Post Design
  • 2 Large Holes in each Post
  • Huge Juice Well
  • Large Screw Heads
  • Hard Anodized Aluminum Sleeve


Black / Silver / Gold

Was £18.99
Now £11.99



Please note with care:

It is strongly recommended to thoroughly wash & clean the product from machining oil and debris. Rebuildable devices are intended for experienced users who have good knowledge of battery safety and coil building. The industry is not fully standardized so the purchaser must make proper research before buying a rebuildable atomizer to make sure it is what they want in terms of wicking material and style, maximum heat (minimum resistance) the atomizer can handle before its insulators melt down, what mods does it fit on to the liking of the purchaser, whether it has glass or plastic tank, (plastic tanks will fog/crack with certain e-liquids) etc. The purchaser should also expect to be fiddling with these atomizers including possibility of shaving metal, drilling holes etc. to get them to operate the way he/she likes.

We do not accept returns of used devices due to any reason other than a genuine manufacturing defect. So please make an informed decision on which rebuildable atomizer you want to buy beforehand. We are available to answer any questions about any of these advanced products, so please do not hesitate to ask before you buy.

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