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Medusa 1

MEDUSA   10ml

Dare to taste the wicked embrace of Medusa, a potion of godly measure that will transform your tastebuds with a sinister blend of fruity sweets, citrus and an underlining anise spice.  This one will leave only the foolhardy with a heart of stone.

Key Flavor Notes: Sweet Citrus Fruit, Aniseed


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Hailing from the depths of Eastbourne, Loki is a high VG e-liquid so it goes without saying that vapour production is immense.
A genuine hand crafted gourmet range of e-liquid, Loki tirelessly scours the globe for the best flavours available with complex and multifaceted layers combining classic flavours with a few majestic twists to royally tantalize your taste buds.

70% VG/30% PG

Created by Thor Juice

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